4 Must-Have Products for Women During Periods

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Days when periods occur are the days when it is a disaster for most of the girls. Fret not, you have come to the right place. Girls are often confused with endless products and brands in the market catering results that are indifferent from one another. There are so many choices for making a safe and a comfortable period experience. Women are in constant look out for complete hygiene, that includes the intimate areas too. With proper hygiene routine, woman can have balance in their lives.

4 must-have products during periods that we recommend are:

  • Natural cotton daily panty liners

To maintain vaginal hygiene, panty liners are a great option. It keeps one in clean and fresh state every day. It has ultra-thin material that helps to absorb inadvertent leaks and discharges. Panty liners are best at keeping the intimate areas spot-free. This product can be kept as a back up during periods against menstrual cups and tampons.

  • Menstrual cups 

Menstrual cups have become a rage and its use is slowly entering homes of a concerned woman. Menstrual silicone cups offer 12-hour leak proof and keep the intimate area fresh all day. This is the best alternative to sanitary pads for periods. 

  • Intimate wash

Intimate wash comes handy for women who are on their periods and are concerned about bacterial infections arousing near the intimate area. Since the weather in India is changing rapidly and its effects are invisible on sensitive areas of skin. Intimate areas get affected easily and this leads to irritations and bacterial infections. 

  • Cotton sanitary napkin pads

Everteen offers cotton sanitary pads with premium quality that are comfortable to wear. Everteen quickly absorbs the menstrual blood and moisturizes because of its cotton layers. Apart from carrying layers allows air circulation, it also helps to keep the surface dry and clean. 

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